What a Name for Pau?

Thursday, May 01, 2008

With the influence from mainland China, we now have new version of Paus. I came across this Pau where I was passing by Key Wey Dim Sum @ Paramount Garden, PJ. I wanted to buy some to try but unfortunately it was sold out. Gonna try it next time.

The name Gou Bu Li Pork Paus when translated directly from the Chinese words means "Dog Don't Care Pork Paus". What a name!


Have you eaten it before? Is it nice?

The Story Behind the Name.
Jo-N has kindly shared this story with us at the comments section.
Once, there was a man name AH KOU who makes pau. One day, the Emperor's mother invited him to the palace to make pau for her and when he returned, he became very famous. Everybody wanted to eat his pau. When people call him: Ah Kou, Ah Kou, he did not answer cos he was too busy making pau. So, everyone said Ah Kou doesn't care and that's why "Kou Bu Li" became the name of the pau he sold.

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