Parangtritis Beach @ Jogja

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Parangtritis Beach is the most popular beach @ Jogja loacted 27km away from the city centre.

The primary attraction of this beach is its natural view. The enchantment of the coastal scenery can be seen from different angles to give you different experiences. When you are standing at the seashore, you will see the wide ocean with the high waves and steeply mountainside on the east side.

To get the view from the site, just walk or hire the horse-cart westwards and you look southwards when you have reached the place. You may get to the place by riding a horse that you shall rent at negotiable price.


Parangtritis is a beach full of myths, which is believed to be the manifestation of the unity among Merapi Mountain, Yogyakarta Kingdom, and Parangtritis Beach. The legend tells that Panembahan Senopati and Sunan Kalijaga once met in this place after completing their meditation. Panembahan Senopati was reminded of being a humble ruler despite his supernatural powers.

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