Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Tax Day is 30th April 2007 when income taxes are due from all employed Malaysian. Every year, Malaysian always wait till the last minute to submit their tax returns. Have you file in yours?

To avoid the crowd,I was at the LHDN/Kelana Jaya @ 7.45am this morning to submit my income tax returns through e-filing. Last year, I got the digicert but due to problems with the logging in, I gave up using e-filing and submit manually instead.

To submit e-filing again, you need to get a new PIN number from LHDN-Kelana Jaya (6th floor) and then proceed to the e-filing room where there have installed probably 20-30 notebooks and PCs for you to log in to start e-filing. They are few tax officers there to assist you in case you need assistance.

E-filing is easy, accurate and safe. This is LHDN e-filing slogan "MUDAH, TEPAT dan SELAMAT".

It is very easy. What you need to do is to get ready all the information or completed BE form.
You just need to transfer all the data into the system and the system will auto calculate tax liability.

You can print out a copy or copy to to a thumb drive all the information. Remember to bring along a thumb drive.

To see a demo, click LHDN demo site

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