Four-Faced Buddha Erawan Shrine Bangkok

Saturday, April 14, 2007

I will never miss going to pray at the Four-Faced Buddha Erawan Shrine everytime I visit Bangkok as many years ago I make a wish while praying at the Shrine and it came true. (I am not going to reveal what was my wish. *secret*).

The Four Face Buddha represents: face of peace & health, face of fortune, face of good relationships and face of protection against evil.

The Shrine was destroyed by a mentally retarded man in March 2006 and it was rebuilt.
People from all over the world come hear to pray and make their wishes. We offer colourful flower garlands, lotus, incense and candles for our prayers. You can buy them from the many stalls along the street.

Ofter, if a wish has been granted, people thank the Buddha by donating teak elephants or commissioning the classical Thai dancers and live orchestra.

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