Pesta Perak Restoran @ Jogja

Monday, June 09, 2008

Pesta Perak is a traditional restaurant serving buffet menu that will bring Yogyakarta to your memory. Delicious Javanese cuisine is served by preserving the taste as inherited from the ancestor. Pesta Perak Restaurant is one of the more popular restaurants in Yogyakarta. This restaurant is famous for its offering of traditional Javanese cuisine in a comfy, homely setting. For an intimate glimpse into the rich Javanese culture, you must dine once at Pesta Perak Restaurant.



On my trip to Jogja, we had the opportunity to dine there and there were wide selection of Javanese dishes for you to taste. Something new so you either like it or dont like it, some of the dishes are delicious.

Pesta Perak Restoran

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