Hefty Fuel Hike in Malaysia

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Yesterday, the government made a shocking announcement of 40% hike in petrol price from RM1.92/litre to RM2.70/litre which the government said is still been subsidised at RM0.30/litre. With the expected increase in electricity tariff to follow effective from July 01, 2008 onwards. The people are in for hard times with the expected increase in the cost of living and increased inflation.

I believe we would prefer a gradual hike instead of such a major hike so it is easier for as to adjustment to cope with the hike.

Below is the fuel price hike from 2004-2008 by Azlan Zamhari /malaysiakini.A mass protest anti-fuel hike rally against the shocking increase in fuel prices at the iconic KLCC Twin Towers is plan on July 12.

Organisers Coalition Against Inflation (Protes) hopes to gather 100,000 people to call on the government to reduce fuel prices to its original levels before the hike today.

This morning, DAP held a street protest against the Cabinet decision to increase fuel and power prices in Jalan Pasar in the heart of the city. Among the DAP leaders who attended the protest were Teresa Kok, Fong Kui Lun, Tan Seng Giaw, Lim Lip Eng and Janice Lee

Lets protest against the full removal of fuel subsidy.

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