Day Trip to Sekinchan

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Despite its popularity after some movie and TV Series shooting here, we have not visited Sekinchan famed fishing village and picturesque paddy fields. There are also several seafood resturants with good review. So we decided to visit it on Saturday and started our journey at around 8.30am and we reached there ar about 10.15am using NKE/LATAR and the truck roads passing by Sg. Buloh, Buit Rota, Kuala Selangor and finally our destination, Sekinchan.

Since we had light breakfast, we headed straight to Cha Po Tion Seafood Restuarant  for their house specialty, Spicy Sour Meehoon Soup and Sweet Potatoes Leaves. There have many house sepcialities but we can only ordered two types as its just 2 of us. We had a post about Cha Po Tion Seafood Restaurant. 
After our meal, we went to the fishing village to buy fresh seafoods and Hai Seng Huat Fishery is our choice. We bought some fresh fishes from Hai Seng Huat & frozen foods and fish balls from Chin Huat Fish Ball. The prices here are much cheaper than in Petaling Jaya.

Hai Seng Huat Fishery Sdn Bhd/Hai Seng Huat Marine Sdn Bhd

Fresh catch from the sea.

Saito Fish Balls RM10/pack. All types of fishes and seafoods at wholesaler price/ 

After our seafoods shopping, we drove to Pantai Redang for a short walk and the place is quite deserted as its hot during noon time.

One of the main  attractions in the area is the Sekinchan Wishing Tree at Redang Beach which was featured in a Hong Kong TVB drama.  The tree itself is a beautiful sight, with hundreds, if not thousands of wishes written on red strips of cloth weighted down with two coins, then thrown over the branches.
We then visited the Paddy Gallery which display collection of artefacts and other subject of paddy and rice industry. Entrance fee is RM5.00 per Adult.

And we also visited Mango King. You can buy local fresh fruits and produce here are reasonable rpice.
Mango King

And lastly Ah Ma House.
Ah Ma House

We departed for home at around 3.15PM. We will be back soon!! September to see the Green Paddy Fields.

When is the best time to visit Sekinchan, please refer to the below guide to know the best time and also the colour of the paddy field. 

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