Boat Noodles @ Empire Damansara

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

The Boat Noodles or Kuai Tiao Ruea craze has been here in Malaysia since mid 2014 with the opening of 'The Original' Boat Noodles @ Empire Damansara with review that its one of the Top restaurant that Malaysian queue up for. Thereafter, Boat Noodles has opened many other outlets and many other Boat Noodles shops also start mushrooming around the Klang Valley.

In Thailand, the tiny noodles are sold on boat at floating market and what the fisherman will have too. Finally, we decided to go and try the Original Boat Noodles @ Empire Damansara and went then just around noon time to avoid the lunch crowd. That was a right decision as only two tables was occupied but what disappoint us is that the egg noodles and Ka Num Tuay was not available at this time. So we order the Auyuthaya and Pathumtani Chicken Rice Noodles, Fruits Som Tan and Thai's Popeye. The Boat Noodles are not to our liking and we had just one bowl just to try the taste. Well, too much publicity and over-rated. The foods are just average and nothing much to shout about. Probably,  this is the younger generations favorite as I can see them eating many bowls with the empty bowls all stack up. This is just my personal opinion and will try the other stuffs when we are back here again.

Rice Noodle Ayuthaya Chicken
Rice Noodle Pathumtani Chicken
Thai;s Popeye Tempura
Fruit Som Tam

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