Cha Po Tion Seafood Restaurant @ Sekinchan

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Read many good review about Cha Po Tion Seafood Restuarant(阿娇海鲜饭店) and decided today to make a day trip to Sekinchan to try their foods. Sekinchan is a small town so its easy to locate the restaurant using Waze. The restaurant signboard is almost cannot been seen and you better beaware of it. Its actually located just beside Restoran Sin Hiap Huat which had abig and prominent signboard. We immediately headed to this restaurant upon arrival which is 10.15am. Its not so crowded at this hour as I understand that its quite packed especially during the weekend.
Welcome to Kampung Nelayan "Fishing Village"  Sekinchan
Cha Po Tion Seafood Restuarant
Jalan Besar Bagan, Bagan Sekinchan, 45400 Sekinchan, Selangor.

Tel : +6016 6761769
Cha Po Tion's Signature dishes
Since its just two of us, we only ordered 1-2 dishes, we had Spicy Sour Meehoon Soup and Stir Fried Sweet Potatoes Leaves. Both the dishes are really delicious. The Meehoon soup is cooked with bouncy fish balls, fresh fish slices, pickled mustard and tomatoes and the soup are very tasty. The portion is quite big too and we filled our stomach to the maximum. We will try the other Signature dishes when we are back here again

Spicy Sour Vermicelli or Meehoon Soup
Locally grown sweet potatoes leaves taste very good too.
Garlic Stir Fried Sweet Potatoes Leaves
The freshness of the seafood/fish balls and vegetables make lots of difference, its taste simply yummylicious.

Will be back to try their other Signature dishes.

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