Dover @United Kingdom

Saturday, November 19, 2016

 On the last day of our stay at Canterbury, we decided to visit Dover to check out the famous White Cliff. So, we took the South Western train from Canterbury East Station to Dover Priority Station which took about 27 mins.

Upon arrival, we walked towards the town center and it was drizzling. Dover is a small county and not too difficult to walk about.

 Some of the sights that we see while walking to the city centre.

 It started to rain quite heavily and we run into a local cafe to take a rest and some hot drinks.

 After resting for about 30 mins, we called a taxi to pick us infront of KFC as the White cliff is quite a distant away. It will take possibly 30-45 mins walk. Since its getting dark, we have to get tp White Cliff the fastest way possible.
 Since its early winter, the sunset very early and sky is dark at 3-4[m.

 Finally, we reached our destination, the White Cliff. Its spectacular.

 From the White Cliff, we have a good view of the Dover Port.

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