Jalan Jalan Cari Makan to Muar

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Coming back from JB on Monday, I wanted to stop at Pagoh Rest Area for a rest but make the wrong turn and landed at the Pagoh exit Toll instead. After the toll turn left is to Muar and right is Pagoh. It was around 4.15pm then and we decided to head towards Muar to check out the town and look for some foods and buy some Otak-Otak.

Muar Food Court

From the toll to Muar is about 48kms and we reached the town at around 4.45pm. We stopped by a shoes shop to buy some sandals and enquire with the boss where to find good local foods. He introduced to me the Otak-Otak, Fried Oyster @ the Bentayan Food Court and Muar Sang Yee Meehoon.

We drove to the Bentayan FoodCourt and it was still early as not all the stalls are opened yet. The Bentayan Otak-Otak and Fried Oyster opened around 5.30pm.

And we tried the fried Kuay Teow which is just next to the Fried Oyster stall.


This plate of Kuay Teow cost only RM2.50 and it taste a liitle different from the Penang Style. It is cooked with more dark sauce and it is yummy. But I would still prefer the Penang Style.

Will blog about the Muar Sang Yee Meehoon.

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