Pappa Kopitiam @ Dataran Sunway

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

There are so many kopitiam this days since 1st one which is Uncle Lim if I am not wrong. While Uncle Lim remained with limited outlets. The one that has expanded the most is Ipoh Old Town White Coffee with outlets everywhere.

But one kopitiam that I like is Pappa Kopitiam. According to theie website, Pappa Kopitiam is not like any other kopitiam. We truly beg to differ. The run-of-the-mill kopitiam simply serve coffee and asian delicacies at affordable prices, merely to attract customers. Affordable pricing of the drinks and food served is not going to keep the customers coming back. We, at Pappa Kopitiam, focus our attention on the QUALITY of our foods and drinks. We are proud of how authentic your favorite foods are.

This is the oulet at Dataran Sunway which I normally drop by after my regular fix of Chilly Pan mee nearby.
Normally, I will have a dose of the Black Local Coffee.
And their famous Hainan Steam Bread with Kaya and Butter. Free Wifi and you can surf and chat with your friends here while enjoying the foods.

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