Robomop, The Cool Floor Cleaner

Saturday, August 02, 2008

I bought this gadget at the Maybank Treats Fair at MidValley Convention centre yesterday using 22k of my Treatpoints. I tested it yesterday night and it works fine and I set the timer to 30mins and it just go around the house doing the cleaning effortlessly while you can continue to enjoy watching TV or do your favorite stuff.

According the sales personnel, it cost around RM138-148 at the hypermarket.

The RoboMop is a neat robotic solution to cleaning smooth floors. It does look a bit cheap and plasticy but if it saves a bit of menial labor who cares what it looks like.

The RoboMop works by using electrostatic pads to attract dust both from the floor and surrounding air. It moves round thanks to it’s own little robotic ball, simply place the ball inside the cleaning frame and it will roll around the room picking up all the dust in it’s path.

You can watch a Youtube Video which I manged to find on youtube to see how it works.

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