Krabi Trip

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Heard so much about the beautiful beaches here. Finally, I was here in October 2013.

Krabi town  is very close to the river mouth that opens to the great Andaman Sea. Krabi river flows about 5 km through the town and opens into the Andaman  sea at Tambon Pak Nam. Quite a few other rivulets originating from the mountain ranges in the province , Kao Panom Benja ; the Klong Pakasai, Klong Krabi Yai and Klong Krabi Noy, also joins the sea at this area.

This area of the tiger cave and the area of the lower cave entrance courtyard was, in previous times, the location which a tiger used to seek refuge and sleep in the morning sunlight. At times the tiger would let out a ferocious roar. This caused people, who came to the forest to collect items or hunt for animals and heard the tiger’s roar, to begin calling this area, “the Tiger Cave”.
Later, the venerable Luangpor Jumnean Seela Settho, chief monk of the tiger cave temple, led a group of buddhist monks and nuns to live there and pratice dharma, In B.E. 2518 or 1975 A.D., with the monks and nuns having come to live in the area of the tiger’s retreat, the tiger migrated in the direction of the phanom Mountain Range which extends from the tiger cave hills and crags. since that time to the present, no one has ever seen the tiger.

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