Medan Selera SS2, PJ

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

If you are looking for foods, one of the place you can go to is Medan Selera(Food Court) SS2. I hardly go there until recently when I go there quite often. You can find all kind of foods there after 6pm. Most of stalls there open only during dinner time.


One day I dropped by there and noticed this stall having a long queue. So I went and checked it out what is so attractive that people queuing up for it. It must be something very delicious. To my surprise, the stall sell mixed rice. It occupy two stalls with the sign BreadGirl and Baba Nasi lemak. So I queue up to try it. The foods a freshly cook and have the most varieties among the mixed rice shop there. I do not have pictures of the foods. If you happen to be there, you may want to try it. But it can be on the expensive side depending on what you order as it costs me RM18.00 for two persons when I had my dinner there.

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