GO Noodle House (有間麵館) @ da:men (大门) USJ

Monday, September 26, 2016

GO Noodle House opened at Jaya One back in 2014 and have been very popular for their Mi Xian (thick noodles). They are  expanding and opening many outlets at 1Utama, Mid-Valley, Solaris Mt Kiara, Da:Men USj and Sunway Pyramid. So today, I decided to come to their new outlet at Da:men USJ to try their famous San Xian Tang Mi Xian, When we arrived at 12noon, the place was already quite full but we managed to get at table for 2.

The history of the secret recipe for the noodle soup.  Long long time ago, KangXi Emperor’s visit to the South.  He ordered a noodle soup and Hua Diao Chinese Wine.  He then got the idea of adding the wine to his bowl of noodle and loved the combination and conferred the chef as Best Noodle in the World.  KangXi Emperor then return to his palace and ordered his chef  to make the noodle as a part of imperial cuisine.  After the fall of Qing Dynasty, the chefs went around and setup restaurants.  This is how the secret recipe has passed down.  So you are actually eating imperial cuisine!
From the menu, you can choose from Mi Xian or Bee Hoon and go with a few kind of ball, such as pork ball, fish ball, squid ball and bursting meat ball.  There are also fish paste with and without bitter gourd, pork belly slice and premium beef slice.
Our choice, Superior Soup Pork Ball Mi Xian. Its delicious but the pork balls is a bit hard. I prefer the home made fish ball.
And Home Made Fish Paste Bee Hoon. (We actually order the Garoupa Fish Slice Mee Hoon but the fresh fish supplies has not arrived.)

Overall, we enjoyed the foods here, We will be back to try the other dishes in the menu.

LG-06, Da Men Shopping Centre
No.1, Persiaran Kewajipan, USJ 1
Subang Jaya 47600
11:30am - 09:30pm

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