E2 Saver - Saves Electricity

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

I was at the Homdec Exhibition last week at KL Convention Centre. While walking around all the booth, this product caught my attention.

Why? Well, with the costs of living, goods and services continued to rise, we are sure interested into something that can save us money.

This E2 Saver claimed to be able to save up to 40% of the electricity costs by just plugging in to any 12A 3-pin pwer point outlet nearest to the distribution box (fuse box). The unit cost RM459.00 and offer at RM359.00 at Homdec. If you are HSBC card member, you can even get it at RM309.00.
Too good to be true!!! Savings of 40% is a lot. This should be a Hot item.

Did I buy it? No.

Why? My electricity usage is around RM90-100/month and I have some doubt about the claim even though it has a 60days money back guarantee.

I understand from some forum that it will be more beneficial for those with RM250 and above monthly current usage. For RM100.00 and below, the savings is negligible.

Anyone out there using this item and able to save 30-40% of your electricity usage.

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